Mattia Cacciatori | Reportage | There is who says no!, Israel (2012)
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There is who says no!, Israel (2012)

Here, in the State of Israel, there are people that have the brave to say that this conflict must be finished.
There is someone that “fights” against the military dictatorship of Israel.
There is someone that can’t control his word and says strongly “Peace!”
Today is the 21th of Novemberand until now in Gaza died 140 people in 8 day. In Israel 3. Should be say just three. And the war is started not to far.
There aren’t two deployments, two lines in conflict.
But there is a side that has decide to take part of a worldwide movement against the War.
In these pictures you can see this part of the society and what’s happening is something like that: Pacific Demonstrations organized by the anarchists against the wall and other activists groups in West Jerusalem, Paris Square, near the Israeli prime minister’s house.
The beginning of the march was pacific, then the Israeli police ordered to end the demonstration and the first violent reactions started. Clashes with the police, four demonstrators arrested. Every day someone say NO and every day some one pay for this declaration.
In a democratic society something like that should not happen. But.