Mattia Cacciatori | Reportage | Hamas speaks up, Gaza (2012)
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Hamas speaks up, Gaza (2012)

Saturday, 08 December 2012
The 25° anniversary of Hamas, 2012.
Above 200.000 people in the street to celebrate the anniversary, to hail Hamas and its leaders. Khaled Meshaal, the leader maximum of Hamas, on the stage in alKatiba park. Soldiers patrol the roads and the buildings. Children play. Women and men speak about their hopes and their opportunities for the future. Some delegations arrive from all over the world (Malaysia, England, Tunisian, Egyptian, American, Jordanian). A big anniversary after the United Nation decision to recognise Palestine as a “non-member observer state”. A big step for Gaza and Palestine. Hamas has made his own part in this contest. Today it has the power to control what it will happen in the next months.